Saturday, September 6, 2008

Medical transcription

I wanted to start this blog for people interested in working in the medical transcription field. This is such an opportunity for people who are interested in working from home and making a good living. I know many of you have questions about getting started and I hope to help you as you begin your new career.

When I begin my career in medical transcription I was not sure how to even get started. The first thing I begin to think about was the education part of the course. There are a couple of different options for getting your education. You can choose the option of an online course or a technical college. When you are researching your options you will find education options from $600.00 dollars to $13,000 dollars. The best option is getting a good education for the best price. I would suggest looking into your college and seeing if they have a corporate college training course which is offered through the college. The course is designed to give you a good education in medical transcription and the price is around $600.00 for the 4 month course. This is a good investment in a career which will last a lifetime. I am interested in your feed back and look forward to hearing back from you on this post.